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  • Get Commercial Grade Lawn Mowers For Your Home or Business Affordably

    Whether you have a fleet of mowers, or you just
    have a lot of grass, Havener Enterprises Inc. has
    the lawn care equipment you really want at a price
    you can afford. With our line of patented equipment
    and large inventory of lawn care parts, the quality of
    your experience using our products will always meet
    your expectations.

    Product Line

Find the Lawn Care Equipment You Need to Mow Your Lawn Faster and with Better Results

Havener Enterprises, Inc. offers you commercial grade lawn care equipment that you can’t get in a retail store. Whether you need a new lawn mower for your home, or you have a lawn mowing business, our mowers will give you the power, control, and precision you’ve always wanted in a mower.

What Can Your Mower Handle?

Our mowers can handle hills, rough terrain, wet grass, tall grass, roots, and just about any whether conditions you may deal with in your area. With lawn care equipment like this, you don’t ever have to worry about those low grade retail store brands again.